Violent Minds – live @ CBGBs 08-06-’06 (with Dave TIU on vox)

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W.E.R.S. live sets

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Trying to do here with the W.E.R.S. sessions what im doing with the WNYU sets, i.e. give them all a permanent home.

Black SS

Blacklisted ’05

Blacklisted ’06

Bones Brigade


Close Call

Direct Control

F.U.s ’84

Hammer Bros

Jerry’s Kids


New Lows

XRadical AttackX


Righteous Jams

Rise And Fall

Risky Business

Terminal State

The Bonus Army

The Proletariat

The Prowl

Wrecking Crew

Criminal Intent Live @ The Pavillion, Halifax, NS.

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Home town performance from this Canadian band who play early eighties NY, DC and Boston influenced hardcore punk the way it should be, short fast and to the point. sweet.

Bad Antics – Live @ Linden Haus 3-16-07

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Viv Stanshall – Crackling Gas Capers

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Exhausted egg yolk sun yawned and hoisted itself through the smug green smog wafting from telly-fuddled Concreton Estate. It split dawned, smearing the sky like the yellowy stain round the bathplug dot dot dot

Interview from ’92 here

Jerry’s Kids – live on WERS

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Ressurection – KXLU sesh

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Ressurection live at KXLU